Sunday, February 5


What happened to Newt?

The guy is brilliant.  I heard him speak in person in 1997 when he was Speaker of the House.  No notes, spoke off the cuff, complex issues.  Amazing and full of ideas.

Now he's running for President and he hates Mitt Romney. His campaign has become Mitt Romney is Satan and I'm an angel, even though it's Newt who shares the views of Nancy Pelosi and Al Sharpton.  And he sounds like he's a lunatic, spewing not ideas, but invective.

Last night he rambled for nearly half an hour after losing Nevada to Romney after losing Florida to Romney.  Somehow, he's soldiering on, thinking he's going to win the nomination. He's a sore loser.

Goodbye, Newt.  Go away.


Blogger Moderate said...

Early in the campaign Newt was concentrating his comments on the shortfalls of the current administration, where all of the candidates should have been concentrating their comments, Plastic Mitt started his relentless attack on Newt because he was afraid of Newt's intellegence.
Newt is the only candidate that can stand toe to toe with Obummer and and intellegently do battle with him, and intelligently lead this country.
The latest results may be indicating that people are fed up with Mitt's nastyness.

8:51 PM  
Blogger JasMars said...

A great post. Newt Kingbitch, I call him.

9:02 PM  

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